Mitsubishi electric for household use

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Heating equipment for household use

Are you tired of using fuel for heating? Are you concerned about ever-increasing prices of natural gas? Are you constructing a new house and considering modern, comfortable and cost-efficient equipment for heating, cooling and ventilation?

In case you wish to have at home really reliable, long-lasting, cost-efficient, environment-friendly and modern heating, cooling and ventilation equipment, ECO2HEATING can offer you a particularly wide range of MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC products. We guarantee that you will receive only top-quality heating, cooling and ventilation equipment, adapted precisely to the Northern climate.

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Mitsubishi electric for industry


Heating equipment for industry

MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC heating, cooling and ventilation equipment can be installed not only in residential buildings, but also in large commercial, industrial, warehousing and other facilities. MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC heat pumps, air conditioners, ventilation & recovery systems and other equipment, assembled by us, effectively and cost-efficiently heat, cool and ventilate quite a number of offices, shops, manufacturing and other premises. We can also offer especially powerful “CITY MULTI” systems intended for particularly large installations.

Costs of heating with aerothermal (air-to-air or air-to-water) heat pumps are up to 70% lower than those of heating with, for instance, electricity or gas, or using district heating, while the comfort is certainly no less. Therefore, investment into the reconstruction of the heating system soon pays off.

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