About Us


ECO2HEATING is an ambitious company which is interested in technological innovations and seeks to ensure that MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC products reach a customer even in the most remote locations of the country.


To be a leader in the markets of sale of heating/cooling/ventilation equipment.


To provide quality, cost-efficient and environment-friendly MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC heating, air conditioning and ventilation equipment for a customer’s comfortable life, listen to the customer’s wishes and adapt the equipment to the customer’s needs in an optimum manner.


  • Introduction of quality MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC equipment into the Irish market.
  • Customers satisfied with the quality of products and service.
  • An aspiration to provide MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC products as well as services of their installation and maintenance throughout Ireland, and not only in major cities.
  • Highly qualified, professional staff.


about1The name “Mitsubishi” refers to the famous three-diamond emblem. “Mitsubishi” is a combination of the words mitsu (=three) and hishi (=water chestnut). In Japanese, this word has been traditionally used to denote a rhombus or diamond.

Around 1870, Yataro Iwasaki, the founder of the company, leased three steamships and therewith founded a transport company. In the following years the company steadily expanded to a fleet of more than 30 ships. This is how Mitsubishi established a firm base in the modern shipping industry. In addition to its maritime business, Mitsubishi diversified into a number of different fields of industry.
Further presidents of the Iwasaki family followed the example of their predecessors and restructured the Mitsubishi organization, setting up divisions in Metal Mining, Coal Mining, Shipbuilding & Engineering, Banking, Trading and Estate.
The shipbuilding company known as Mitsubishi Heavy Industry shed its production facilities for electrical shipbuilding equipment in 1921 and thus initiated the establishment of the MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC Corporation. MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC has since evolved into a world leader in developing, manufacturing, and marketing electronic and electrical equipment. Our activities focus on the following areas: Information processing and communications, aerospace development and satellite communications, consumer electronics, industrial technology, energy, transport and building equipment.
 Over the next two decades the company began extending its reach overseas while establishing itself as a pioneer in the development of computers, advanced air conditioning systems, automobile electronics, satellites powered by photovoltaic technology, and nuclear power generation.
MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC air conditioning equipment producing over 60 years. The number of products sold over 5 million per year. MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC equipments manufactured in own factories and adapted for countries according to their climatic conditions (in our case – for northern climate). Wide range of products allows for optimal selection of devices to suit every housing needs.
 MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC strength – product development going in their laboratories. The main components are manufactured in own factories and guaranteed that all products are of the highest quality. The representatives and installers are carefully selected, trained, that does not compromise the brand MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC QUALITY, so the customer gets the optimal product with the best guarantee and quality.
30 companies
100 000 employees
30 billion euro turnover
MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC is one of the largest companies in the Mitsubishi Group (30 companies, example- Nikon Camera, Tokyo-Mitsubishi Bank, Mitsubishi Motors, Kirin Beer and others). All the companies are independent. MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC employs over 100, 000 employees and a turnover of more than 30 billion euros. The company MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC Skandinavia is responsible for sales in the Nordic region – Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania etc. Scandinavian experts refine and customize products for northern climate.

The slogan “Eco Changes” expresses MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC position on preservation of the environment

‘Eco Changes’ represents Mitsubishi Electric’s stance on environmental management, and their commitment to continuously strive for a greener tomorrow through cutting-edge global environmental technologies and unique strengths in manufacturing. It expresses the efforts to join forces with all customers to change the global environment for the better.


Eco Changes Logo Design Concept

The logo’s vivid green sphere represents the world of changes for the better, from in the home to outer space. The “movement” design expresses the improvements made by employees, and the taking of immediate action along with our customers to bring positive changes to society.

Eco Changes for Society

Synergies between businesses and technologies can bring about a sustainable society to the benefit of all. As a comprehensive electric and electronics manufacturer with operations the world over, Mitsubishi Electric is in a unique position to create eco changes for society by harnessing its strengths in everything from satellites, highly efficient power systems and the use of new energy resources, to water treatment, and energy conservation in the rail and automobile transportation infrastructure.

Eco Changes for Business

Mitsubishi Electric’s expertise in efficient energy usage by equipment in factories and buildings and on production lines enables it to make proposals and offer products that help customers attain optimal energy efficiency. We aim to create eco changes for business by providing package solutions that integrate equipment and systems, to enhance our customers’ competitiveness and achieve greater energy savings.

Eco Changes for Daily Life

Mitsubishi Electric creates electric home appliances equipped with features that reveal energy savings, and supports fully electric residences with photovoltaic power generation, heat pump water heaters and other energy-efficient systems. We are creating eco changes for daily life, contributing to better lifestyles while safeguarding the environment. An entire household can be changed into a greener, more comfortable living space.