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Are you tired of using expensive fuel for heating? Are you concerned about ever-increasing prices of natural gas? Are you constructing a new house and considering modern, comfortable and cost-efficient equipment for heating, cooling and ventilation?

If you want reliable, durable, economical and ecological modern heating, cooling and ventilation solution MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC can offer wide range of these products.

ECO2HEATING qualified specialists, can help you choose the optimal equipment for comfortably live with minimal cost, according your needs.

Air-to-air heat pumps for those who want to have air conditioners in the summer, heater in winter and year-round air cleaning. However, this system does not prepare hot water. We offering wall-mounted, cassette, ceiling, duct and floor air-to-air heat pump models.

Air-to-water heat pumps preparing hot water for domestic use and heats water for radiators and floor heating systems. You can choose from air-to-water heat pump with heat exchanger with all-in-one container ECODIS or Hydro-box (water box).

Each house is required recovery and ventilation system for fresh air. We can offer highly economical efficient recovery and ventilation systems, also MINI recovery and ventilation systems, which can install in any rooms (air ducts not need).

If you have not possibility to install ventilation, and have high humidity, we can offer an attractive design, low noise and Hi Tech dehumidifiers. Also these dehumidifiers you can use as laundry dryer.

Contact us now, and we’ll help you choose the optimal modern and ECO friendly systems from MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC for your comfortable life!

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