Heat pumps Air-Water

Air-to-water heat pumps are designed for heating of premises (using radiators or a floor heating system) and domestic preparation of hot water using the energy present in the outdoor air. This is an environment-friendly and sustainable system using renewable energy resources. Air-to-water heat pumps may be installed in the home of any size or with any layout, and the location of installation of indoor units is not important for this system.

The correct chosen heat pump can be the sole source of heat. Most often this heat pump type installing in construction, where not any other way for heating. However, air-to-water heat pump is easy to integrate into existing solid or liquid fuel heating system.

With extremely high air-to-water heat pump efficiency ensuring low heating costs. In some cases, the coefficient of performance (COP) up to 4.46! This means that by consuming 1 kWh of electricity MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC heat pump can give 4.46 kW of heat energy!

Using latest technologies allow keep a constant nominal heating power of up to -15 ° C and economically heat at -28 ° C or lower temperature (heat pump with installed Zubadan technology).

MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC new PUHZ-SW and PUHZ-SHW series air-to-water heat pumps can prepare up to + 60C temperature of hot water. Outdoor unit power usually selected according to house area and hot water demand. Heat pumps high efficiently and economically working with the new “all-in-one” ECODIS water tanks with 200l capacity. This system required very little space, simple to install, also allowing to follow the history of consumption of electric power.

MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC air-to-water heat pumps are highly efficient, reliable, economical and ECO friendly systems. They do not need daily maintenance, and can be installed in any small room.

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