Recovery Ventilation systems

Insufficient ventilation of premises may cause quite a number of problems inside a building. This is the main cause of the Sick Building Syndrome (in particular, in new or renovated buildings). Stifling air, in combination with a too-high or too-low level of humidity, provides excellent conditions for the spread of various bacteria, mildew or rot, causes fatigue and various ailments as well as damages the building.

Ventilation solution ensuring optimum supply of fresh air, but not raising up heating and cooling costs- today becomes a necessity both residential and commercial buildings. Therefore, building architects, designers and owners are faced with a real challenge, choosing energy efficient and low cost recovery systems.

MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC recovery and ventilation equipment meets the highest requirements of recovery systems. With patented special paper in Lossnay plate heat exchanger, not only ensures effective simultaneous fresh air supply and woeful air removal, but also returning heat / cool energy with adjustable the humidity level.

MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC recovery systems can be two types:

– Duct recovery systems. This type is usually installed in new construction or homes, where is a possibility pipe air ducts. Fresh air supply to all desired rooms, operation of the system can be programmed for any needs. Recovery system selected depend on volume of house – can be choose from the “lowest”, supplying 150 m3 / h. air flow to the extremely powerful, supplying 1000m3 / h or greater air flow.

– Wall-mounted mini recovery systems. These compact ventilation devices, not need air ducts. Usually installing in apartments or homes where not possible duct-pipe works. They supplied 105 m3/h fresh air, working with only 31 watts. Mounted on the wall.

Home with MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC ventilation system ensures particularly comfortable indoor climate:
– Supply of fresh air. system exchanging polluted air with fresh air, which is vital for the people. Providing a hygienic and comfortable living conditions.
– Removing odors. Ventilation eliminating unpleasant odors. This is important not only in the bathroom or kitchen, but also in all other rooms.
– Adjusts the level of humidity. Modern buildings particularly are hermetic, but increasing the mold and likelihood of multiplication of various bacterial. Lossnay recovery systems adjust the level of moisture and prevents spreading of mold, mites, bacteria and etc.
– Removing dust. Ventilation reduces dust and other microscopic particles in the rooms, thus creating a clean and hygienic environment.
– Reducing energy consumption. Ventilating removing heat (in winter) or cool (in summer). However, other than through open windows or doors. Using modern Lossnay recovery systems you can save the major part of energy (up to 90 percent!). This not only ensures to supply of fresh air, but it does not increase heating or cooling costs. Also don’t need to install more powerful heating / cooling equipment.

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