A wall-mounted heat pump (air conditioner) MSZ-EF-VE2H. The design series!

MSZ-EF juodas
MSZ-EF sidabrinis
MSZ-EF baltas
MSZ-EF interjere4
MSZ-EF interjere2
MSZ-EF baltas
MSZ-EF sidabrinis
msz-ef juodas

A wall-mounted heat pump (air conditioner) MSZ-EF-VE2H. The design series!

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Due to their exceptional design and a possibility to choose the colour of an indoor unit, MSZ-EF-VE2H series heat pumps elegantly blend into the most diverse homes with modern interior.

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Due to their exceptional design and a possibility to choose the colour of an indoor unit, air-to-air heat pumps (air conditioners) of the MSZ-EF-VE2H series elegantly blend into the most diverse homes with modern interior. These are appliances which attract attention and surprise you. They are perfectly suitable both for small and spacious premises, and they operate very silently, effectively and cost-efficiently. If you acquire the new MSZ-EF-VE2H series heat pump, it will prove a double win – you will have an appliance not only with extremely high technical parameters, but also of the desired colour and unique design. It will indeed become a very beautiful interior detail of your home.

In 2011, indoor units of the MSZ-EF series were granted a prestigious iF Product Design Award for their design. And in 2015, following a renewal of the design, heat pumps were nominated for a Red Dot Award 2015 prize. This award, which is one of the most famous international design awards, is granted annually for exceptional design by German Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen. The award is also often called “The Designers’ Nobel Prize”.


MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC manufactures heat pumps, adapted to operate under our, Northern, climate conditions, i.e. where there is much snow and icing, and dominating temperatures are low. Heat pumps of the MSZ-EF-VE2H series cost-efficiently supply heat under the outdoor temperature down to -20℃. During the summer, appliances operate as air conditioners by particularly cost-efficiently cooling the premises.


The i-save function makes it possible to set very simply, at the press of one button, the desired (pre-set) air temperature of the premises as well as other parameters (a fan’s speed, direction of the airflow). This function can be used, for instance, before going to sleep or leaving a room (in such a case it is useful to set energy-saving parameters), or if you just wish to rapidly switch on your favourite heat pump operation settings. When a heat pump operates in the heating mode, upon activation of the i-save function, you can set the minimum indoor temperature at +10℃. Such a minimum temperature is usually maintained in summer houses, allotment garden houses, sauna buildings, lofts, other premises where people do not live on a permanent basis, or in case you leave home for a longer period of time.


With the help of a remote control, it is possible to programme the operation of a MSZ-EF-VE2H heat pump for the whole week. You will be able to reduce the temperature of premises during those hours when you are not at home or are sleeping, and to enjoy comfortable warmth at other times.


If you install a small add-on, a WiFi adapter MAC-557IF-E, in a heat pump and connect to a special MELCloud application, you will be able to control your appliance remotely – using a smartphone, a tablet or another type of computer, no matter where you are. You will be able to monitor and flexibly control the parameters of your heat pump, programme a weekly timer, receive warning signals, review weather forecasts and contact details of the servicing company, etc.


As an accessory, you can choose a protective wooden grate to hide the outdoor unit of a heat pump (air conditioner) MSZ-EF-VE2H. The grate can also be painted in a desired colour to match the façade of your house. Thus it will perform not only a protective, but also aesthetic function.

    Indoor unit

    MSZ-EF25VE2W (white col.)

    MSZ-EF25VE2B (black col.)

    MSZ-EF25VE2S (silver col.)

    MSZ-EF35VE2W (white col.)

    MSZ-EF35VE2B (black col.)

    MSZ-EF35VE2S (silver col.)

    Weight (kg)  11,5  11,5
    Dimensions (mm)  299-885-195  299-885-195

    Airflow (m3/min.):

    For heating  4,0-4,6-6,2-8,9-11,9  4,0-4,6-6,2-8,9-12,7
    For cooling  4,0-4,6-6,3-8,3-10,5  4,0-4,6-6,3-8,3-10,5
    Level of noise (dB(A)):
    For heating  21-24-29-37-45  21-24-30-38-46
    For cooling  21-23-29-36-42  21-24-29-36-42
    Nominal electric power consumption (kW)  0,027  0,031
    Maximum operating current (A)  0,3  0,3

    MSZ-EF-VE2W/B/S indoor units can also be matched with outdoor units of Multi Split MXZ series heat pumps (air conditioners). In such a case a few indoor sections can be connected to one outdoor section.

    Full name of a set* MSZ-EF25VE2(W/B/S)H MSZ-EF35VE2(W/B/S)H
    Outdoor unit MUZ-EF25VEH MUZ-EF35VEH
    Heating power (kW) (Nom.(Min.-Max.))  3,2(1,1-4,2)  4,0(1,8-5,5)
    SCOP* (Seasonal Coefficient of Performance)  4,6  4,5
    Seasonal energy efficiency class  A++  A+
    Nominal electric power consumption (kW)  0,700  0,955
    Cooling power (kW) (Nom.(Min.-Max.))  2,5(1,2-3,4)  3,5(1,4-4,0)
    SEER* (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio)  8,5  8,5
    Seasonal energy efficiency class  A+++  A+++
    Nominal electric power consumption (kW)  0,545  0,910
    Weight (kg)  30  35
    Dimensions (mm)  550-800-285  550-800-285
    Airflow (m3/min) for heating/cooling  32,2/32,6  33,6/33,6
    Level of noise (dB(A)) for heating/cooling  48/47  50/49
    Power supply voltage (V/fazė/Hz)  230/1/50  230/1/50
    Maximum operating current (A)  7,3  8,5
    Recommended fuse (A)  10  10
    Pipe bores (gas/liquid)  9,52/6,35 (3/8″…1/4″)  9,52/6,35 (3/8″…1/4″)
    Maximum pipe length between indoor / outdoor un. (m)  20  20
    Maximum height difference between indoor / outdoor un. (m)  12  12
    Temperature range for guaranteed cost-efficient operation  (oC):
    For heating  -20~+24   -20~+24
    For cooling  -10~+46   -10~+46

    *W – internal device white colour, B black, Ssilver

    ** About seasonal energy efficiency ratio more information here