An advanced wall-mounted heat pump (air conditioner) MSZ-FH-VEHZ

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An advanced wall-mounted heat pump (air conditioner) MSZ-FH-VEHZ

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An advanced wall-mounted heat pump with the installed unique HyperHeating technology effectively and cost-efficiently heats under the outdoor temperature down to -25℃. The installed 3D I-See temperature sensor ensures a particularly even distribution of heat or coolness in the space.

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Certificates and markings
5 metų garantija R410A


Due to the installed HYPER HEATING technology, the nominal thermal power of MSZ-FH-VEHZ series heat pumps remains constant even down to -15℃. Besides, the manufacturer guarantees effective and cost-efficient heat supply down to -25℃. A particularly high COP (Coefficient of Performance) – 5.52* ensures low costs and effective operation of an appliance even on the coldest winter days




MSZ-FH-VEHZ series heat pumps have the installed unique 3D infrared temperature sensor I-See, which enables full control of an appliance’s functions and a reduction of electric power consumption.


While moving to the left and to the right, eight vertically-installed elements of the sensor analyze the temperature of premises in three dimensions. Such a detailed analysis makes it possible not only to assess temperature differences in different locations of a room, but also to register whether there are people present in the premises. It is namely this that enables the creation of such functions as Indirect Airflow (when the airflow released is directed away from a person) and Direct Airflow (when the airflow is released into a person).


When a temperature sensor records that there are no people in the premises, a heat pump automatically switches to the energy-saving mode – electric power consumption is reduced by approximately 10 per cent after 10 minutes, and by about 20 per cent – after 60 minutes. Even though room temperature in such a case falls only by a few degrees, during a long time quite a lot of energy is saved.



The I-save function makes it possible to set very simply, at the press of one button, the desired (pre-set) air temperature of the premises as well as other parameters (a fan’s speed, direction of the airflow). This function can be used, for instance, before going to sleep or leaving a room (in such a case it is useful to set energy-saving parameters), or if you just wish to rapidly switch on your favourite heat pump operation settings. When a heat pump operates in the heating mode, upon activation of the I-save function, you can set the minimum +10℃ indoor temperature. The minimum temperature is usually maintained in summer houses, allotment garden houses, sauna buildings, lofts, other premises where people do not live on a permanent basis, or in case home is left for a longer period of time.


Air, as well as water, is a substance that we unconsciously use daily. Clean and fresh air is very important in order to create a healthy environment for people. You can have quality air in the premises with the help of Plasma Quad, a plasma filter system which eliminates, particularly efficiently, odours and four types of pollutants – viruses, bacteria, allergens and solid particles (for instance, dust), so plentiful in the air.

Plasma Quad destroys bacteria and viruses inside an appliance using a strong, curtain-like electric field and runs an electric current through the entire air inlet opening of the appliance. Wolfram discharge electrodes are used, because they provide force and power to exhaustion. Besides, when the standard round form of the electric field is flattened to the bow form, an especially strong electric field is created.




In order to create a “healthy” airflow, it is crucial to ensure that airflow is as natural as possible. The solution of MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC is the Natural Flow Technology, thanks to which the exhaust airflow does not cause discomfort and is controlled in a free and flexible manner.


Kirigamine Plateau is one of most famous places of interest in Japan, and due to its pleasant and comfortable environment it is visited by a great number of people. MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC has made an effort to recreate the comfort of Kirigamine Plateau. As part of the project of creating the Natural Flow Function, the factual data of a crisp breeze of Kirigamine Plateau were measured. By imitating the natural data signal form, MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC recreated hardly noticeable mild airflows and installed them in the new heat pumps of MSZ-FH-VEHZ series.




MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC heat pumps have always been distinguished by a low level of noise. The new appliances of the MSZ-FH-VEHZ series are also characterized by a unique technology, which enables both the indoor and outdoor units to operate extremely silently.


With the help of a remote control, it is possible to programme the operation of a MSZ-EF-VE2H heat pump for the whole week. You will be able to reduce the temperature of premises during those hours when you are not at home or are sleeping, and to enjoy comfortable warmth at other times


If you install a small add-on, a WiFi adapter MAC-557IF-E, in a heat pump and connect to a special MELCloud application, you will be able to control your appliance remotely – using a smart phone, a tablet or another type of computer, no matter where you are. You will be able to monitor and flexibly control the parameters of your heat pump, programme a weekly timer, receive warning signals, review weather forecasts and contact details of the servicing company, etc.


As an accessory, you can choose a protective wooden grate to hide the outdoor unit of a heat pump (air conditioner) MSZ-EF-VE2H. The grate can also be painted in a desired colour to match the façade of your house. Thus it will perform not only a protective, but also aesthetic function.





At the end of 2012, the indoor unit of the MSZ-FH series was granted the Good Design Award 2012 by the Japan Institute of Design Promotion.



RECORD RESULTS OF TESTS. The Swedish Energy Agency (Energimyndigheten) declared heat pumps of the MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC KIRIGAMINE MSZ-FH-VEHZ series to be ones of the best in the Nordic market. During the tests conducted by this state Agency, MSZ-FH-VEHZ series appliances received especially impressive – record – results in their class. They save the largest amount of energy and release the largest amount of heat, compared to heat pumps of other models and other manufacturers. The tests performed have shown that the MSZ-FH35VEHZ model releases even 5.3 kW of heat under the outdoor temperature of -7℃! This is the highest indicator ever registered in the practice of the Swedish Energy Agency (tests of heat pumps of 42 models have been carried out). The tests have also revealed that even under the outdoor temperature of -15℃, MSZ-FH35VEHZ generates 4.3 kW of heat, which is a particularly good result in order to ensure efficient operation of a heat pump in the countries of cold climates.

The results of earlier tests conducted by this Agency have confirmed that a new MSZ-FH25VEHZ air-to-air heat pump is significantly superior to its predecessor, the MSZ-FD25VABH model (which entered the market in 2008, and about 230,000 units of which were sold in the Scandinavian countries alone), and similar heat pumps of other manufacturers by its technical parameters and functions.


The independent Norwegian Consumer Council (Forbrukerrådet) declared MSZ-FH-VEHZ to be absolutely best heat pumps/air conditioners in the market, calling the series “Super heat pumps”. The following are the results of tests of heat pumps of 13 different models and manufacturers:
The MSZ-FH-VEHZ series proves once again that MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC launched a heat pump which is the leader in the market, because it is characterized by the best parameters and the lowest electric power consumption under decreasing outdoor temperatures.



Indoor unit MSZ-FH25VE MSZ-FH35VE MSZ-FH50VE
Weight (kg) 13,5 13,5 13,5
Dimensions (mm) 305(+17) x 925 x 234 305(+17) x 925 x 234 305(+17) x 925 x 234

Airflow (m3/min.):

For heating 4.0-4.7-6.4-9.2-13.2 4.0-4.7-6.4-9.2-13.2 5.7-7.2-9.0-11.2-14.6
For cooling 3.9-4.7-6.3-8.6-11.6 3.9-4.7-6.3-8.6-11.6 6.4-7.4-8.6-10.1-12.4
Level of noise (dB(A)):
For heating 20-24-29-36-44 21-24-29-36-44 25-29-34-39-46
For cooling 20-23-29-36-42 21-24-29-36-42 27-31-35-39-44
Nominal electric power consumption (kW) 0,029 0,031 0,031
Maximum operating current (A) 0,4 0,4 0,4

*More information on seasonal energy efficiency coefficients is available here. MSZ-FH-VE indoor units can also be matched with outdoor units of Multi Split MXZ series heat pumps (air conditioners). In such a case a few indoor sections can be connected to one outdoor section.

Full name of a set MSZ-FH25VEHZ MSZ-FH35VEHZ MSZ-FH50VEHZ
Heating power (kW) (Nom.(Min.-Max.)) 3,2 (1,0-6,3) 4,0 (1,0-6,6) 6,0 (1,7-8,7)
COP 5,52 5,00 4,05
SCOP* (Seasonal Coefficient of Performance) 4,9 4,8 4,2
Seasonal energy efficiency class A++ A++ A+
Nominal electric power consumption (kW) 0,580 0,800 1,480
Cooling power (kW) (Nom.(Min.-Max.)) 2,5 (0,8-3,5) 3,5 (0,8-4,0) 5,0 (1,9-6,0)
EER 5,15 4,27 3,62
SEER* (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) 9,1 8,9 7,2
Seasonal energy efficiency class A+++ A+++ A++
Nominal electric power consumption (kW) 0,485 0,820 1,380
Weight (kg) 37 37 55
Dimensions (mm) 550-800-285 550-800-285 880-840-330
Airflow (m3/min) for heating/cooling 31,3/31,3 33,6/33,6 51,3/48,8
Level of noise (dB(A)) for heating/cooling 49/46 50/49 54/51
Power supply voltage (V/fazė/Hz) 230/1/50 230/1/50 230/1/50
Maximum operating current (A) 10,0 10,5 14,0
Recommended fuse (A) 10 12 16
Pipe bores (gas/liquid) 9,52/6,35 (3/8″..1/4″) 9,52/6,35 (3/8″..1/4″) 12,7/6,35 (1/4″..1/2″)
Maximum pipe length between indoor / outdoor un. (m) 20 20 30
Maximum height difference between indoor / outdoor un. (m) 12 12 15
Temperature range for guaranteed cost-efficient operation  (oC):
For heating -25~+24 -25~+24 -25~+24
For cooling -10~+46 -10~+46 -10~+46

*About seasonal energy efficiency ratio more information here