ECODAN All-in-one System with an integrated 200l boiler


ECODAN All-in-one System with an integrated 200l boiler

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The compact air-to-water ECODAN All-in-one System with an integrated 200l boiler heats premises and prepares hot water for domestic use.

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Save with the new Ecodan Next Generation Air-to-water Heating System!

An improved C Version is already available!

It is a very compact, silent, productive and environment-friendly heating system, which creates a pleasant climate at home. The unique Ecodan Technology ensures maximum heat and minimum energy consumption.


Now, the MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC patented Ecodan Next Generation System (the most recent Version C) is even more efficient, with installed various technological innovations ensuring even more efficient operation and more convenient use.

What is the Ecodan Next Generation All-in-one System?

The Ecodan Next Generation System (EHST20C-YM9C and EHPT20X-YM9C series models) consists of two components – an outdoor unit of an aerothermal (air-to-water) heat pump, the capacity of which is selected depending on the housing heating need, and an indoor unit – an All-in-one Ecodan tank (indoor and outdoor sections are connected by a pipeline). The indoor unit, which is similar to a refrigerator in its design, is just 1.6 metres in height, but has all the necessary components of a boiler-room installed, including even a 200-litre domestic hot water tank (a boiler). Due to its compact design, it is easy to install in all types of buildings, and it does not even need a separate boiler-room (can be installed in a garage, a bathroom, a kitchen, etc.).

In the Ecodan Next Generation System, a single-stage inverter and state-of-the-art technologies have been installed. These are completely new control technologies allowing home owners to save a lot of energy, because Ecodan Next Generation uses less energy than other similar residential heating systems.


Possibilities of the new Ecodan Next Generation Hydro-box System


Synchronized heating

Differently from many other systems in the market, in the Ecodan Next Generation Hydro-box System, heating and preparation of domestic hot water are synchronized processes (when a domestic hot water heater is connected).

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A new feature! Two heat exchangers – more efficient preparation of domestic hot water

In the newest All-in-one Ecodan tanks, separate heat exchangers are installed for heating a heat carrier and domestic hot water. This makes it possible to prepare domestic water up to 20 per cent more cost-efficiently and more effectively.

 Apsauga nuo kalkejimo

A new feature! Protection against calcification

An especially efficient filter has been installed, protecting Ecodan tanks from calcification and ensuring long and smooth operation of the equipment.



Easy control when you are far away from home

If you leave home for a longer period of time, just press an icon represented by a suitcase, and the settings will be automatically adjusted for maximum energy savings.



Remote control

MELCloud, the most recent remote control system of MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC, enables you to control your heating appliance directly via a smartphone or computer, no matter where you are – at home or on the road. For that purpose, you will only need to install an add-on in the system, a WiFi adapter PAC-WF010-E, and connect to a special “MELCloud” application.


A new feature! A powerful Zubadan technology – cost-efficient heating down to -28℃!

A few models of heat pumps (outdoor units)* in the Ecodan Next Generation System have an improved ZUBADAN technology installed, ensuring cost-efficient and effective heating even down to -28℃ outdoor temperature. This is useful for large-size houses located in the Northern climate zone (*applies to Package PUHZ-HW  and SPLIT PUHZ-SHW models).


An intelligent system

The Ecodan Next Generation Hydro-box System automatically adapts according to outdoor and indoor factors, for instance, if the sun starts shining or if energy consumption is reduced to a minimum. Your chosen temperature of premises and the most suitable water temperature are maintained in the heating system.


Wireless control

In the Ecodan Next Generation Hydro-box System, an improved easily controlled panel has already been installed. However, you can additionally choose a wireless remote control and thus control the appliance from any place in the house.


Two zones in the house to maintain different temperatures

If you prefer expanding options of controlling temperature in the premises, a house can be divided into two zones with different temperatures, which would be maintained with the help of wireless temperature sensors.


A new option! Energy consumption history

The new Ecodan Next Generation Hydro-box System (C Version) provides a possibility to monitor energy consumption for the heating of premises and preparation of domestic hot water (when a boiler is connected) and to more easily control your heating costs by changing the temperature settings.


An environment-friendly system, the most advanced technologies

The outdoor air is full of energy which is used by the new Ecodan Next Generation Hydro-box System for heating of your home and domestic hot water (with a connected boiler). Due to unique Ecodan Hydro-box Technologies, your heating bills are considerably lower.

The Ecodan Next Generation Hydro-box System supplies the highest heat at the minimum energy input and emits 30-50 per cent less CO2, compared to the conventional heating systems.

A safe investment

MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC conducts all tests in its laboratories. The main components are manufactured in its own plants with especially strict quality control. This means that we can guarantee high quality of each product sold.

MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC is represented by the authorized sales company in Ireland. All transactions are concluded only with partners or distributors. Products are installed only by accredited technicians. In this way quality is ensured in the entire chain from the manufacturer to the customer, therefore, your chosen products are a safe investment.

It is a long-term and carefree property.










The air-to-water ECODAN Next Generation Hydro-box Heating System may be of two types:   

  • Split System – a refrigerant R410A circulates between outdoor and indoor units, and refrigerant works are necessary for installation and technical servicing
  • Package System – a heat carrier circulates between outdoor and indoor units, and plumbing works are enough for installation and servicing


ECODAN Next Generation Hydro-box Heating System specifications:


Type of system Split  Split Package
Volume of a hot water tank (l) 200  200  200
Weight (empty – without water) (kg) 112  112 100
Weight (full – with water) (kg) 322  322 309
An expansion tank (l)  12  12  12
Max flow temperature (°C) 60  60  60
Min flow temperature (°C) 25  25  25
Bore of heating system connection pipes (mm Cu)  28  28  28
Bore of water connection pipes (mm Cu)  22  22  22
Electric heater (kW) 9 (3+6)  9 (3+6)  9 (3+6)
Min flow / flow switch (l/min.)  5.0  5.0  5.0
Coolant pipe, liquidgas  3/8”-5/8” 1/4”-1/2”
Fuse / heater (A)  3 x 16  3 x 16  3 x 16
Power supply voltage (V/phase/Hz)  400/3/50  400/3/50  400/3/50
Maximum operating current (A)  13  13  13
Placement Min / Max temperature (° C)  0-35  0-35  0-35
Width (mm)  595  595  595
Thickness (mm)  680  680  680
Height (mm)  1600+100  1600+100  1600+100
Required Min height of premises (mm)  1800 1800  1800

* Combined with heat pumps of the PUHZ-SW50VHA model.


Split Ecodan Hydrobox tanks EHSC-YM9C and EHSD-YM9C are combined with the following outdoor units of split heat pumps:

  • PUHZ-SW50-120, guaranteed cost-efficient heat supply down to -20℃ outdoor temperature
  • PUHZ-SHW112, guaranteed cost-efficient heat supply down to -28℃ outdoor temperature

Package Ecodan tanks EHPX-YM9C are matched with outdoor units PUHZ-(H)W50-140 of package heat pumps.

Heating capacity and other operating parameters of the air-to-water heating system with an Ecodan Hydro-box tank depend on the chosen outdoor unit.