Floor heat pump (air conditioner) MFZ-KJ-VEHZ

11 Jun 2007, New York, New York, USA --- A Sutton 57 Condominiums model home. --- Image by © Tom Sibley/Corbis

Floor heat pump (air conditioner) MFZ-KJ-VEHZ

The first floor heat pump with the patented Hyper Heating Technology Guaranteed cost-efficient heat supply down to -25℃!

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The first floor heat pump with the patented Hyper Heating Technology

Guaranteed cost-efficient heat supply down to -25℃!

Adapted to severe climate during manufacturing

A new MFZ-KJ-VEHZ is the first floor heat pump with the installed revolutionary Hyper Heating Technology and one of the most efficient heat pumps in the market. The nominal heating power remains constant even under outdoor temperatures of down to -15℃, while the manufacturer guarantees cost-efficient heat supply down to -25℃.

High coefficients of performance guarantee low heating and cooling costs.


Compact design and particularly silent operation

Compact design of an indoor unit of a MFZ-KJ-VEHZ series heat pump (thickness is just 215 mm) is one of its main advantages. It elegantly blends into the interior of any style. Besides, it is possible to let it into a wall.

The design of this floor model also provides several functional advantages: improved vanes of a fan especially efficiently distribute flows of warm and cool air, while the operation of an appliance is practically inaudible – the level of noise starts only at 19dB(A)!



A NEW FUNCTION – RAPID HEATING! An appliance starts blowing warm airflow downward and then draws it in again – thus the temperature of exhaust air is rapidly increased. This function is extremely useful when it is necessary to heat the premises up to the desired temperature very quickly.


Comfortable microclimate of premises all year round

Thanks to the Hyper Heating Technology, MFZ-KJ-VEHZ will efficiently heat your home even on the coldest winter days. While during hot summer this heat pump will become an irreplaceable air conditioner and will cool air in the premises down to the desired temperature.

In addition, it also has the function of just a fan. Using that function, you will be able to easily spread the heat of a fireplace or another source throughout the entire home.

Convenient control, weekly programming

A heat pump is controlled with a new remote control, which has a weekly programming option. You will easily set the desired temperature and choose the operating mode, a fan’s speed, airflow direction and other parameters.

You will be able to programme the operation of an appliance for the whole week without difficulty. In order to save, set a lower temperature for the time when you are away and automatically increase it to feel comfortable again when you are back.

Due to the installed i-save Function, it is possible to set the minimum temperature of +10℃ in the premises, which is especially relevant if you do not reside there on a permanent basis or leave home for a longer period of time.

Uninterrupted operation

Due to the installed Auto Restart Function, even after power failures, an appliance starts operating again automatically according to the set parameters.

Clean air in the premises

There is a Nano Platinum Filter for air cleaning installed in the indoor unit, besides, there is an option of supplementing the filtering system with Electrostatic Anti-allergy Plasma Filters (item code MAC-408FT-E).

Remote control

A new MFZ-KJ-VEHZ heat pump can be connected to the remote-control system MELCloud, so that you are able to control an appliance remotely using your mobile phone or computer. You will only need to acquire an add-on, a WiFi adapter MAC-557IF-E.

If MFZ-KJ-VEHZ appliances have been installed by certified technicians according to the manufacturer’s requirements, the equipment (except for a filter system) is granted even a 5-year warranty!



Indoor unit MFZ-KJ25VE MFZ-KJ35VE
Weight (kg) 15 15
Dimensions (mm) 600x750x215 600x750x215
Airflow (m3/h)
For Heating 234-306-372-462-582 234-306-372-462-582
For Cooling 234-294-354-426-492 234-294-354-426-492
Level of noise (dB)
For Heating 19-25-30-35-41 19-25-30-35-41
For Cooling 20-25-30-35-39 20-25-30-35-39
Maximum operating current (A) 0,17 0,17
Power supply voltage (V/phase/Hz) 230/1/50 230/1/50
Refrigerant R410A R410A
Heating power (kW) (Nom (Min-Max)) 3,4 (1,2-5,1) 4,3 (1,2-5,8)
-10oC 3,5 3,6
-25oC 1,6 2,3
SCOP 4,4 4,3
Energy class A+ A+
Cooling power (kW) (Nom (Min-Max)) 2,5 (0,5-3,4) 3,5 (0,5-3,7)
SEER 8,5 8,1
Energy class A+++ A++
Weight (kg) 37 37
Dimensions (mm) 550-800-285 550-800-285
Airflow (m3/h) heating/cooling 2016/1878 2016/1878
Level of noise (dB) heating/cooling 51/46 51/47
Maximum operating current (A) 9,2 10,0
Recommended fuse (A) 10 12
Pipe bores (gas/liquid) 3/8″..1/4″ 3/8″..1/4″
Maximum pipe length (m) 20 20
Maximum height difference between the internal and the external pipes (m) 12 12
For Heating -25~+24 -25~+24
For Cooling -10~+46 -10~+46
Temperature range for guaranteed cost-efficient operation (oC)
For Heating -25~+24 -25~+24
For Cooling -10~+46 -10~+46

*More information on seasonal energy efficiency coefficients is available here