Hand dryer Jet Towel New Slim Series


Hand dryer Jet Towel New Slim Series

Thanks to the MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC JET TOWEL hand dryer, hand drying in public premises becomes faster, more comfortable and even more hygienic.

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For public use

Thanks to the MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC JET TOWEL hand dryer, hand drying in public premises becomes faster, more comfortable and even more hygienic. This is a highly innovative solution which ensures not only cleanliness, but also economic benefits for catering institutions, factories, shopping centres, public toilets, etc. with a larger flow of people and the need to ensure quick, hygienic and cost-efficient hand drying.

We would like to introduce the latest model of the hand dryer JET TOWEL JT-216JSH-W-E. It combines a stylish design, comfortable and cost-efficient use as well as improved air flow blowing in order to dry hands quickly and silently.

Only a few seconds and your hands become completely dry.

The hand dryer JET TOWEL dries hands faster than other conventional hand dryers on the market. The air flow operating at 382 km/h dries hands completely in just a few seconds – simply put your hands into a dedicated slot and take them out.

Hygiene and cleanliness

Hands never touch the Jet Towel™, therefore, its use is particularly hygienic. Moreover, hand dryer parts in contact with water are covered with a special anti-bacterial coating preventing propagation of bacteria, so the device can be used in institutions with particularly strict sanitary requirements.

In addition, the air supply and water drain openings are separated for ensuring particular hygiene – the air blown out has absolutely no contact with water leaking from hands.

The surface of hand dryers is made of the material that can be cleaned with alcohol cleaners ensuring ideal hygiene.

Your restrooms or other facilities where hands are washed and dried will always look neat, there will be no waste paper.


Install and use, electric power – the only thing to pay for. Thanks to the latest energy-saving technologies installed, the operation of the JET TOWEL hand dryer is much cheaper than using paper or cloth towels.


This latest JET TOWEL model is equipped with innovative aerodynamic technologies and improved air blow-off nozzles which create wavy airflows and reduce the exhaust air turbulence and noise level.


By using JET TOWEL, no waste paper or harmful substances from the detergents used to wash cloth towels will get to the environment. Moreover, trees necessary for production of paper will be saved.


More information about this product, visit http://www.mitsubishielectric.com/bu/handdryer/index.html

Model JT-SB216JSH-W-E
Power supply voltage (V/phase/Hz) 220-240 V/1/50 Hz
Heater enabled
Nominal current (A) 4.9-5.3

Electricity consumption (kW)

High/Standard mode


Drying time (s)

iki 9
Airflow speed (m/s) 106

Level of noise (dB)

High/Standard mode

Heater disabled

Electricity consumption (kW)

High/Standard mode


Drying time (s)

iki 11
Airflow speed (m/s) 98

Level of noise (dB)

High/Standard mode


Dimensions (mm)

Weight (kg) 11
Waste water tank (l) 0,8
Fuse (A) 10