Hand dryer „Jet Towel SMART“


Hand dryer „Jet Towel SMART“

Hand dryer JET TOWEL SMART for public use is very compact but extremely resistant to mechanical damage. Quickly to dry and clean hands. Easy maintenance.

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Certificates and markings

New! Compact hand dryer for public use. Highly resistant to mechanical damage.


Compact and easy to use

The distance between the air blowing holes is 13.2 cm, thereby ensuring sufficient space to dry comfortable even large hands. Quick Response function (0.1 sec.) And highly sensitive sensors enable hand operation of the device instantly, as soon as man brings hands. 15 cm wide spectrum of air blowing at the same time allows both hands to dry quickly.


Avoids waste paper

Using electric hand dryers, completely avoids the waste of paper there is no need to fill in a daily paper towel stocks, emptying the recycling bins. This saves a lot of time, resources and save the environment.


Strong case

Protective steel shell as and the body is highly resistant to mechanical damage, for this reason, the JET TOWEL SMART hand dryers can confidently install in unprotected public spaces where is a risk of vandalism.


Simple air filter maintenance

The air filter is an important element of unit protection from dust and other pollutants. The filter is installed at the air intake grille, making it very easy to clean (no need to disassemble anything).


Clean and hygienic

NSF is independent international public health and certification organization, certified by JET TOWEL hand dryers to meet very strong hygiene requirements (NSF/ANSI 169). In addition, top of case of the hand dryer SMART JET TOWEL is made 12-degree slope, so users can’t leave unnecessary items or rubbish on the top of the hand dryer.

The air intake holes are located away from the air blowing holes in order to protect the interior of the device against any accidental water intake.


High level of security

High voltage plates are coated with a protective metal fences. If inflame accident (which is unlikely), the fire would not spread outside and will be suspensive within metal fences.


Quiet operation and energy saving

Fast drying and silent operation achieved by using advanced wavy-shaped air blowing technology.
Have two modes of operation strong (high) or weaker (standard) and with or without air heater.




JT-S2AP-W-NE (white)

JT-S2AP-S-NE (silver)

Power supply voltage 220-240 V/1/50 Hz
Weight (kg) 4,5
Dimensions (mm) Height x Width x Depth 290x250x160
Water tanks (l) no
Mode High
Heater On Off
Drying time (s) 9-12 10-13
Power Consumption (W) 880-980 630-730
Air flow rate (m/s) 150-158
Noise level (dB) 60-62
Mode Standard
Heater On Off
Drying time (s) 14-16 15-17
Power Consumption (W) 660-740 410-490
Air flow rate (m/s) 125-132
Noise level (dB)* 58-59
Antibacterial surface yes
NSF certificate** yes
Cleaning which has an alcohol*** yes

*measured in anechoic room with 2m of distance

**NSF – International independent organization and certification of public health

***except front panel