Industrial Recovery System Lossnay LGH-RVXT (1500-2500m3/h)


Industrial Recovery System Lossnay LGH-RVXT (1500-2500m3/h)

Excellent air quality – ideal heat transfer! In buildings where equipped with the most recent Lossnay LGH-RVXT ventilation system ensures maximum comfort lowest energy consumption.

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Space-saving industrial duct recovery system LGH-150/200/250RVXT


MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC Lossnay LGH-RVXT recuperative system is ideal for large commercial, industrial, industrial objects ventilation. Depending on the model, it can supply from 1500 to 2500 m3/h of fresh air. The main advantage of these systems – small installation height, that allows install a powerful ventilation unit  in very limited space.


Lossnay LGH-Series RVXT duct ventilation System meets the highest requirements of recovery systems. Thanks to the patented special paper produced by Lossnay plate heat exchanger, not only ensures effective simultaneous fresh air supply and removal oppressive air, but returned heating/cooling energy and adjusts the humidity level in to space.


In buildings equipped with the most recent Lossnay LGHRVXT ventilation system ensures maximum comfort and lowest energy consumption.


Structure and operating principle of the Lossnay LGH-RVXT duct recovery system:

Lossnay LGH-RVXT recuperative system have patented plate heat exchanger, which consisting
 of separate cross-ribbed air flow plates produced from a speciall very thin paper. Intaking fresh outdoor air is completely separated from the outgoing foul air. Thanks to high-quality special paper, heat transfer and moisture permeability, ensures high overall heat and moisture transfer efficiency.


Returned up to 84% of power to premises!




Air flow (m3/h)* 375-750-1125-1500 500-1000-1500-2000 625-1250-1875-2500
air flow (L/s) 104-208-313-417 139-278-417-556 174-347-521-694
Noise level (dB(A)) 22-29,5-35,5-39,5 22-28-35,5-39,5  24-32-39-43
Efficiency of temperature exchange (%) 81,5-81,0-80,5-80,0 84,0-82,5-81,0-80,0 82,5-80,5-79,0-77,0
External static pressure (Pa) IN 11-44-98-175 11-44-98-175 11-44-98-175
Išorinis statinis slėgis (Pa) OUT 6-25-56-100 6-25-56-100 6-25-56-100
Electricity consumption (W) 48-176-421-792 56-197-494-1000  82-244-687-1446
Weight (kg) 156 159  198
Dimensions (mm)
Length 1500 1500  1500
Width 1980 1980  1980
Height 500 500  500
Power supply voltage 240V /1/50Hz 240V /1/50Hz  240V/1/50Hz
Operating current 0,36-1,10-2,40-4,30 0,39-1,10-2,70-5,40  0,57-1,40-3,60-7,60

*1-2-3-4 fan speeds


Remote Control (wired): PZ-61DR-E