A wall-mounted heat pump (air conditioner) MSZ-SF-VEH

A wall-mounted heat pump (air conditioner) MSZ-SF-VEH

THE MOST COST-EFFICIENT SOLUTION. For your home, summer houses, commercial premises. A wide range of power.

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Certificates and markings


For your home, summer houses, commercial premises

A wide range of power

MSZ-SF-VEH series heat pumps are available in three sizes: with power of 2.5, 3.5 and 5.0 kW. They are easy to adapt both in residential and commercial facilities. If you need more powerful appliances, we recommend MSZ-GF-VE series heat pumps – their capacity is either 6.1 or 7.1 kW (they are more often installed in commercial facilities).

Compact design

Heat pumps of MSZ-SF-VEH and MSZ-GF-VE series are especially compact. White-coloured indoor units are easily adapted in various interiors.

Adapted to Northern climate

MSZ-SF-VEH are adapted for operation under Northern climate conditions during the manufacturing process. Cost-efficient heat supply is guaranteed under the outdoor temperature down to -20℃. Heat pumps of the MSZ-GF-VE series heat cost-efficiently down to -15℃.

Operate even when you are far away

If you choose the energy-saving i-save function in the heating mode, you will be able to maintain the minimum temperature of +10℃ in the premises. This is particularly relevant for summer houses, holiday homes, allotment garden houses or other premises where people do not live or work permanently, or if you leave the premises for a longer period of time.

Cooling function

These heat pumps perform the air cooling function especially effectively and cost-efficiently even on the hottest summer days.

Clean air in the premises

There is a system of Nano Platinum Filters installed in indoor units which efficiently cleans the air from dust and other solid particles. In order to improve air quality even more, it is possible to additionally acquire an Electrostatic Anti-allergy Plasma Filter (filter code MAC-2320FT (for MSZ-SF-VE heat pumps) and MAC-2310FT (for MSZ-GF-VE appliances)).

Weekly programming

A heat pump is controlled using a remote control which has a weekly programming option. You can programme 4 different operational modes for 24 hours. Set a lower temperature while you are away, and automatically increase it to feel comfortable after you are back.

Silent operation

An indoor unit (of the MSZ-SF-VE series) operates particularly silently – just from 21 dB. If you choose the mute mode, you will be able to rest or work comfortably. You can also set one out of six speeds of a fan.

Uninterrupted operation

Due to the installed Auto Restart Function, even after power failures, an appliance starts operating again automatically according to the set parameters.

A 5-year warranty

If heat pumps have been installed by certified technicians according to the manufacturer’s requirements, the equipment (except for a filter system) is granted even a 5-year warranty!

Weight (kg) 10 10 10
Dimensions (mm) 299x798x195 299x798x195 299x798x195
Airflow (m3/h)
For heating 210-246-402-492-618 210-246-402-498-660 336-384-480-588-720
For cooling 210-246-336-432-546 210-246-336-432-546 336-366-414-492-594
Level of noise (dB)
For heating 21-24-34-39-45 21-24-34-39-46 30-33-38-43-49
For cooling 21-24-30-36-42 21-24-30-36-42 30-33-36-40-45


Power supply voltage (V/phase/Hz) 230/1/50 230/1/50 230/1/50
Refrigerant R410A R410A R410A
Heating power (kW) (Nom (Min-Max)) 3,2 (1,0-4,1) 4,0 (1,3-4,6) 5,8 (1,6-7,3)
SCOP 4,3 4,3 4,3
Energy class A+ A+ A+
Nomin. elektros energijos suvartojimas (kW) 0,780 1,030 1,700
Coolong power (kW) (Nom (Min-Max)) 2,5 (0,9-3,4) 3,5 (1,1-3,8) 5,0 (1,4-5,4)
SEER 7,6 7,2 7,2
Energy class A++ A++ A++
Nominal electric power consumption (kW) 0,600 1,080 1,660
External unit specification
Weight (kg) 31 31 55
Dimensions (mm) 550-800-285 550-800-285 880-840-330

Airflow (m3/h) Heating/Cooling

1350-2064/1698 1476-2178/1806-1956 2124-2778/1602-2868
Level of noise (dB) Heating/Cooling 48/47 50/49 52/52
Recommended fuse (A) 10 10 16
Pipe bores (gas/liquid) 3/8″..1/4″ 3/8″..1/4″ 1/2″..1/4″
Maximum pipe length (m) 20 20 30
Maximum height difference of pipes between indoor-outdoor units (m) 12 12 15
 Temperature range for guaranteed cost-efficient operation (℃)
For heating -20~+24 -20~+24 -20~+24
For cooling -10~+46 -10~+46 -10~+46