Split-type “Power Inverter” PUHZ-SW50-120 heat pumps


Split-type “Power Inverter” PUHZ-SW50-120 heat pumps

New Puhz-sw series air-to-water heat pumps. For even more efficient and economical heating and domestic hot water.

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“Power Inverter” PUHZ-SW series air-to-water heat pumps.

For even more efficient and economical heating and domestic hot water

Thanks to the state-of-the-art technology and high-performance compressor, the new PUHZ-SW has extremely high technical characteristics and can even prepare water up to +60 Co! PUHZ-SW series heat pumps are the market leaders in terms of seasonal performance indicators and the amount of heat released at extremely low ambient temperatures.

2017 news! PUHZ-SW75YAA and PUHZ-SW100YAA series three-phase, single-fan, especially quiet (even 10dB quieter than PUHZ-SW-HA models) outdoor units.




All of outside units Puhz-SW series air-to-water heat pumps can be equipped with various internal parts: ECODAN all-in-one (EHST20C-YM9C and EHSC-YM9C) or heat exchanger.

Available Models:

  1. PUHZ-SW-*HA Series: PUHZ-SW50VHA (1-Phase),  PUHZ-SW75VHA (1-Phase),  PUHZ-SW100YHA (3-Phase), PUHZ-SW120YHA (3-Phase).
  2. PUHZ-SW-YAA Series: PUHZ-SW75YAA (3-Phase), PUHZ-SW100YAA (3-Phase).


Find out more information on “Outdoor unit specifications” tab.

For the average climate kW       7,2 10
Energy class/SCOP* 35 oC kW/SCOP/KW 7,2/A++/4,0 10,6/A++/4,13
Rated power kW 7,5 10
Min.-max Power O7/V45 kW 2,9-9,5 3,4-13,1
A7/W35/Power/Electricity Consumption COP** kW/kW 6,4/1,33/4,78 8,96/1,9/4,72
A2/W35/Power/Electricity Consumption COP** kW/kW 6,0/1,69/3,53 8,0/2,8/3,51
A7/W45/Power/Electricity Consumption COP** kW/kW 6,4/1,74/3,68 8,96/2,49/3,59
A2/W45/Power/Electricity Consumption COP** kW/kW 6,0/1,2/3,02 8,0/2,77/2,89
Excess heat output -15oC/+35oC kW 7,3 8,7
Excess heat output -15oC/+50oC kW 6,6 8,2
Excess heat output -25oC/+45oC kW
Rated power ,O35/V7 kW 7,1 10
Min.-max Power , O35/V7 kW 2,3-7,1 2,8-10,0
EER,O35/V7   2,7 2,83
Other data
Dimensions (length x height x depth) mm 1050x1020x480 1050x1020x48
Weight kg 104 126
Noise level during heating / cooling dB 43/45 47/49
Recommended fuse A 3×16 3×16
Max working current A 11,5 13,0
Pipe diameter (liquid / gas) in 3/8″-5/8″ 3/8″-5/8″
Max pipe length (filled) m 2-40(10) 2-75(10)
Max Height Difference m 30 30
Power supply voltage V/F/Hz 400/3/50 400/3/50
Water flow l/min 10,2-22,9 14,4-32,1
Max Water temperature oC 60 60

Guaranteed economical operation

temp. limits for cooling / heating




* SCOP seasonal performance factor. SCOP for the average climate zone under the ErP Directive 811/2013

** Specified data according to EN14511 includes defrost and partial load

*** 5-year warranty is provided if equipment is installed by installers or certified installers

Note: PUHZ-SW160 / 200YKA external heat pumps are supplied with ECODAN Hydro-Box containers ERSE-YM9EC and “Alfa-laval” heat exchangers CBH60-70
Cooling function can be set up to -20oC ambient temperature when installed on external equipment spec. attachment – snow / wind protection (PUHZ-SW-V / YHA).