Split-type “Power Inverter ZUBADAN” PUHZ-SHW80 / 112 series heat pump, heating up to -28 ° C!


Split-type “Power Inverter ZUBADAN” PUHZ-SHW80 / 112 series heat pump, heating up to -28 ° C!

New PUHZ-SHW series heat pumps with patented zubadan technology. The most advanced technologies for economical and efficient heating and cooling.

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Certificates and markings
5 metų garantija R410A

PUHZ-SHW112 series heat pumps with patented Zubadan technology

The most advanced technologies for economical and efficient heating and cooling

Thanks to the new technology and high-performance compressor installed, the new PUHZ-SHW has extremely high technical characteristics and is the market leader in terms of seasonal performance and heat output at extremely low ambient temperatures.

These units are designed for heating, domestic hot water and cooling. Unlike all other traditional heat pumps on the market, the MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC units with patented ZUBADAN technology maintain a constant rated output of up to -15 ° C outside temperature, and the manufacturer guarantees cost-effective heat up to -28 ° C outside temperature.

 To ensure safe operation of the heat pump in extreme weather conditions, MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC recommends the use of wind / snow guards. These are special hoods that protect the heat pump’s external device from cold winds, snow and hail, and make it possible to shorten the defrosting time of the unit and extend the operating time between deflections. This reduces power consumption and ensures a longer life time for the heat pump.

The external equipment of PUHZ-SHW112 heat pumps can be equipped with both air-to-air system (industrial SLIM P series) and air-to-water system internal devices (ECODAN tank with integrated boiler EHST20C-YM9C, Hydro-box tank EHSC -YM9C, with heat exchanger CBH60-50 with control interface PAC-IF032B-E or PAC-IF061B-E).

Available Models:

  1. 2018 news! Three-phase, single-fan, extremely quiet outdoor equipment PUHZ-SHW112YAA and PUHZ-SHW8OYAA (air-to-water system only)
  2. Two-fan outdoor equipment PUHZ-SHW112YHA (not only air-to-water, but also air-to-air system can be used).



Find out more information on “Outdoor unit specifications” tab.

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For the average climate kW       9,0 13,9
Energy class/SCOP* 35 oC kW/SCOP/KW 9,6/A++/4,18 13,9/A++/4,23
Rated power kW 8,0 11,2
Min.-max Power O7/V45 kW 3,2-8,7 3,4-13,1
A7/W35/Power/Electricity Consumption COP** kW/kW 6,4/1,39/4,59 8,96/1,9/4,72
A2/W35/Power/Electricity Consumption COP** kW/kW 6,4/1,73/3,7 8,96/2,62/3,41
A7/W45/Power/Electricity Consumption COP** kW/kW 6,4/1,76/3,63 8,96/2,49/3,59
A2/W45/Power/Electricity Consumption COP** kW/kW 6,39/1,94/3,29 8,85/3,0/2,95
Excess heat output -15oC/+35oC kW 8,69 11,9
Excess heat output -15oC/+50oC kW 7,7 10,8
Excess heat output -25oC/+45oC kW 5,6 8,2
Rated power ,O35/V7 kW 7,1 10
Min.-max Power , O35/V7 kW 2,8-7,1 2,8-10,0
EER,O35/V7   3,31 2,83
Other data
Dimensions (length x height x depth) mm 1050x1020x480 1050x1020x48
Weight kg 128 128
Noise level during heating / cooling dB 45/48 47/49
Recommended fuse A 3×16 3×16
Max working current A 13,0 13,0
Pipe diameter (liquid / gas) in 3/8″-5/8″ 3/8″-5/8″
Max pipe length (filled) m 2-75(30) 2-75(30)
Max Height Difference m 30 30
Power supply voltage V/F/Hz 400/3/50 400/3/50
Water flow l/min 10,2-22,9 14,4-32,1
Max Water temperature oC 60 60

Guaranteed economical operation

temp. limits for cooling / heating




* SCOP seasonal performance factor. SCOP for the average climate zone under the ErP Directive 811/2013

** Specified data according to EN14511 includes defrost and partial load

*** 5-year warranty is provided if equipment is installed by installers or certified installers

Note: For cooling, when the ambient temperature is below -5 ° C, external equipment requires a spec. accessory – security (sold separately)