Wall-mounted mini recovery system VL-50S2-E


Wall-mounted mini recovery system VL-50S2-E

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Extremely compact single pipe wall-mounted mini recovery system VL-50S2-E for ventilation of premises. It can be installed vertically and does not require air ducts!

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NEW 2017!

On sale from February 2017.

New Wall-mounted mini recovery system VL-50S2-E

The new ultra-compact mini-wall recovery VL-50S2-E is designed for use in private homes, apartments, offices, or other small rooms where there is a lack of ventilation and does not allow the installation of duct recovery system. For optimal ventilation of one device is usually sufficient to 15-30 sq. m. premises.

Benefits of mini recovery system VL-50S2-E:

  • Very simple installation – drilling a single hole (100mm diameter) for special air extraction/feeding tube;
  • Effectively ventilates supplied to the premises fresh environment air (two speeds 17 or 54m3 / h) by eliminating from their bad air;
  • Lossnay has a patented heat exchanger, which hosts temperature (temp. exchange efficiency by up to 84 per cent.) and moisture exchange;
  • Installed 2 filters;
  • Very low power consumption: standby mode – only 5 watts (high mode -21 W);
  • Ventilation recuperator, refused admission to the inside outside noise and pollutants – so as to ensure a comfortable and healthy indoor climate.


The unit can be mounted both horizontally and vertically. This is particularly relevant for apartments or small rooms, where usually not a lot of space on the walls.


Recovery system VL-50S2-E is easily mounted on the wall of the building, just drilling a single hole into which inserted a special plastic tube. Tube is divided by two sides- in this way indoor air have no contact with feeding fresh outside air, in addition this tube eliminated the warm indoor air, same time transmiting heat to cold fresh ooutdoor air. (In summer vice versa)


This mini recovery system is designed as patented Lossnay, heat exchanger crossing of warm and cold air flows, and special membrane separating the incoming and outgoing air flows and feeding only fresh air. This recovery system VL-50S2E is very compact, so adaptable even for small rooms, small apartments, which usually have not enough space to install similar systems. With this efficient energy saving recuperative ventilation system you always get fresh air in your premises.




    Operating mode HI mode LO mode
    Airflow (m3/val.) 54 17
    Electricity consumption (W) 21 5
    Level of noise, dB(A) 37.5 15.5
    Temperature exchange efficiency (%) 68 84
    Dimensions (mm) 245x522x168
    Weight (Kg) 6.2
    Power supply voltage (V/phase/Hz) 230V/1/50Hz
    Operating temp. range -20oC…+40oC