Wall-mounted mini recovery ventilator VL-100U5-E


Wall-mounted mini recovery ventilator VL-100U5-E

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A particularly efficient wall-mounted mini recovery system VL-100U5-E intended for ventilation of premises. No ducts needed!

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A new, even more efficient mini recovery (ventilation) system VL-100U5-E

Modern new or renovated buildings are especially air-tight, and often the Sick Building Syndrome cannot be avoided; the main cause of the syndrome is insufficient ventilation. Certainly, it is always possible to open the windows and ventilate the premises. However, quite often the fresh air, which gets into the premises, is cold, therefore, it costs quite a lot to heat it again. MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC has resolved this problem – it created a particularly compact wall-mounted mini recovery ventilator, therefore, you no longer need to open the windows in order to ventilate the premises. Fresh air, coming into the premises, is heated by the outgoing air, which makes it possible to save even up to 80% of energy. The wall-mounted mini recovery ventilator performs the same functions as a ducted recovery ventilator, however, its installation is considerably cheaper and simpler.

This mini recovery system is intended to be used in private houses, apartments, offices, conference rooms or elsewhere, where there is a lack of ventilation, and it is not possible to install a ducted recovery system. To ensure the most appropriate ventilation, one appliance is usually enough for the premises of 60-100 m2 in size.

Characteristics of a mini recovery ventilator VL-100U5:

  • Ventilates efficiently by supplying fresh outdoor air into the premises and removing stifling air from the premises;
  • Damps the ambient noise well and operates silently;
  • Has a patented Lossnay plate heat exchanger wherein temperature and humidity exchange takes place;
  • Easy and simple to install on a wall without the need for an expensive ductwork – thus it is ideal for ventilation of apartments or housing which has already been decorated;
  • Reduces residential heating or cooling expenses, because it saves up to 80% of energy;
  • Efficiently processes both warm and cold air.


The recovery system VL-100U5-E is easy to install on the external wall of the building, however, it perfectly damps the sounds coming from outside. This system has been developed to ensure that in a Lossnay heat exchanger, by crossing hot and cold air flows, and by having a special membrane to separate outgoing and incoming airflows, only fresh air gets inside. In this manner heating expenses of a house are reduced. Even though the recovery system VL-100U5-E is not big, it operates very productively – circulated airflow reaches 60-105 m3/hour, while its coefficient of performance is up to 80%. If you ventilate the premises using this recovery system, energy is not wasted, and fresh air always comes into the premises.


Compared with its predecessor, the VL-100U-E model, a new mini recovery ventilator VL-100U5-E is distinguished by the following new features/advantages:

  • A stylish modern design;
  • Two-position air outlet (horizontally or vertically);
  • Simpler cleaning, because the casing is smooth, without grilles;
  • Extension pipes, included into a set, are 50 cm long (used to be 30 cm);
  • A two-filter system for supplied and extracted air – cleaner air of premises, less frequent cleaning of a heat exchanger (used to be one filter for supplied air);
  • More silent operation – 25/37 dB (used to be from 29.5/39 dB);
  • Lower electric power input at the low mode – only 15 W (used to be 23 W);
  • Higher efficiency of temperature exchange – 73/80% (used to be 70/77%);
  • A 3-metre power supply cable (used to be 1-metre);
  • An easy-to-open front cover – for convenient cleaning of filters and a heat exchanger (in the VL-100U-E model, the front cover was fixed with screws).



The main advantage of a VL-100U5-E recovery ventilator – well-ventilated premises. This determines better health, better quality of rest and more productive work. Besides, if you ventilate the premises using this recovery ventilator, you no longer need to ventilate them by opening the doors or windows, therefore, heat losses are minimal.


For its silent operation, aesthetic design and functionality, the new VL-100U5-E was granted a prestigious iF Design Award 2014.







Operating mode HI mode LO mode
Airflow (m3/val.) 105 60
Electricity consumption (W) 31 15
Level of noise, dB(A) 37 25
Temperature exchange efficiency (%) 73 80
Dimensions (mm) 265x620x200
Weight (Kg) 7,5
Power supply voltage (V/phase/Hz) 230V/1/50Hz